Tantalus is referred to as "Phrygian" and sometimes as "King of Phrygia." Tantalus was the ruler of an ancient western city of Anatolian which was located at the foot of Mount Sipylus. He was once was known for having been welcomed to Zeus' table in Olympus. Though not for very long. It said that he had stolen Amborsia and Nectar to bring it back to his people, and reveal the secrets of the gods. When he was caught Tantalus was banned from coming back to Olympus by Zeus.
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Though Tantalus's last deed angered the gods. It was not enough for him to get banished to Tartarus just yet anyway. To "make up" for what he had done. So Tantalus killed his son Phelops. He then boiled him and made a feast from his body as a test to the gods. Though his plan did not go the way he planned and the gods saw what he had done. Luckily Zeus ordered one of the gods present to revive the Phelops back to his normal health

Tantalus was punished for this deed by being "tanalized". He was put in water up to his neck but if he went to drink it, it would suddenly disperse and drain away. Fruit hung above his head, though if he reached for it the wind would blow it just out of his reach.