Myth of Sisyphus
As you may know, there are several gods in mythology, but there is one you don't know about. This god is Sisyphus. Sisyphus is the god who got punished by Zues and had to endure pushing a rock up a mountain for all eternity. Sisyphus is said to be the founder of the city Corinth. Later on he was supposed to recieve the kingdom of Corinth from Medea. This happened because Aeetes was the king of this region before he left for Colchis, leaving to see the god Bunes. When Bunes died, Epopeus extended his own kingdom to include Corinth. Corinthus became the king and named the land after himself. Eventually he died and the Corinthians sent for Medea, who first ruled as queen, but later handed the land to Sisyphus.
Sisyphus married the goddess Tyro. Later on she killed their children because she had predicted that the they would kill her father Salmoneus. Salmoneus was Sisyphus brother which he hated. That is why he married Tyro because he learned from the Oracle that the only way to kill his brother is to have children with Tyro and let the kids kill Salmoneus. Then when Tyro learned about the Oracle she killed her children. No matter what she did to save her father it did not work becuase Zeus killed Salmoneus for his impiety, this happened after Salmoneus founded the city Salmonia in Elis.

The Thief
One day Sisyphus came into trouble with Autolycus. Autolycus had a great gift from his father that became very usefull. He had a gift that made him the best skilful thief that could never be caught. Sisyphus got in trouble with him because Autolycus kept stealing form his herds without bieng detected. Sisyphus eventually learned about the thief because Autolycus's property was increasing and his was not. Sisyphus thought of a brillant plan to catch theimages[2].jpg thief. Sisyphus put a mark on the hooves of all his animals, so he could identify them. Since Sisyphus thought of that brillant idea he could take all of his animals back. That day he got stopped becuase Autolycus's dasisyphus.gifughter Anticlia gave birth to Odysseus.
As you may know, Sisyphus had a terrible punishment where he had to roll a rock up a hill for all eternity. The reason behind this punishment is Sisyphus raded out Zeus. He told Zeus's wife that he was cheating on her for a goddess named Aegina. When Zeus found out that Sisyphus told her, he sent Sisyphus to the underworld where he would endure rolling a rock forever.

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