Pygmalion and Galatea
The Story of Galatea in Greek Mythology. Pygmalion is a master sculptor in ancient times of Greece. He made beautiful statues all day from pieces of rock and stone he found. He mesmerized every person who set their eyes on his wonderful work. He was loved by men and women, and he was loved by women for his looks and great skill. He did not want a wife or any women, for he hated them. He decided to create a sculpture of his own, that was so beautiful he would only have it to himself. He made the statue so wonderful, he fell in love with it. He worshiped the statue like it was a real human. He was so obsessed with his work, he fell in love with it. He wanted this statue to come to life to live with him. He turned to one person to solve his problem. He went to the Goddess Aphrodite and begged her to bring the statue to life. She was charmed by the creation, and she brought it to life. Pygmalion and Galetea (the sculptures name) were united at last. They fell into a deep, deep love and Pygmalion was finally happy. Pygmalion never forgot to thank Aphrodite, and he was very thankful forever. The unusual love they had will never be forgotten.
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