Procrustes "fitting" people into his bed.


- A host who adjusted his guests to their bed. Procrustes, whose name means "he who stretches", He kept a house by the side of the road where he offered hospitality to passing strangers, who were invited in for a delicious meal and a night's rest in his bed. Which he claims was a bed that everyone fit in. What Procrustes didn't mention was the way he made them "fit" " , as soon the guest lied down, Procrustes went to work, stretching the guest to fit the bed if they were too short for the bed, and chopping off their legs if they were too long. Theseus turned the tables on Procrustes, fatally adjusting him to fit his own bed.


-He continued chopping and stretching until he encountered Theseus who pushed him onto his own bed. Killing Procrustes is the last adventure of Theseus. Theseus pushed Procrustes on his own bed and
chopped off his head and f

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