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  • He is the son of the Sun God, and his mother is the Ethipoian princess.

  • At one point he didnt really know if his father was really the Sun God.

  • When Phaethon was a younger kid he asked his mother if his father was really the sun god. She said he is but if you dont believe me, to go to the end of the earth to find him. So thats what he did. He traveled to the far eastern part of the world. When he got their he saw the huge golden palace where his father lived. His father asked him why he came to see him and Phaethon replied I have come to find proof that you, great Apollo, are truly my father. Apollo answered back I am your father, and as for this proof i will grant you one wish that your heart desires. All Phaethon wanted to do was to drive his fathers chariot. He begged and begged until he said yes. When he finnaly got to drive it he lost control of the steeds and the sun-chariot and set the earth a flame scorching the plains of Africa to desert. When Zeus found out he was so appalled, he struck Phaethon with a thunderbolt and sent his body flaling into the water of Eridanos.

  • Pheathon has two names he goes by Phaethon and Helius.

  • Phaethon in translation mean shining.

  • List of website:

  • www.theoi/titan/phaethon.html

  • www.hipark.austin.isd.tener.edu/mythology/phaeton.html

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