How Perseus life started:

Perseus is the son of Zeus and Danae. Danae is the daughter of King Acrisius. When the king found out Zeus liked his daughter he locked her away in a castle, that only had a window. Zeus found her and turned himself into a shower of gold so he could go through the window. the shower of gold fell onto Danae and got her pregnant. Persues was born. King Acrisius saw a light coming from the castle so he tore down one of the walls to see what it was. He saw Perseus and was furious. He shut them in a chest and cast them into the sea.

Young part of his life:

They somehow made it the island of Seriphos. Where the native king Polydectes took them in and took care of them. Polydectes would of married Danae but she denied him. He was going to force her to marry him but Perseus protected his mother. Polydectes decided to marry the daughter of a friend. Everyone was invited and needed to bring a gift. Perseus did not have money so he could get no gift. Ploydectes pretended to be mad and told Perseus to bring him the head of the Gorgon Medusa.

Perseus Voyage:

He left the king and wandered for days, looking for the gorgons lair. He was laying down one night and realized how hopeless it was. The gorgons are very mean and if you look into there eyes, you will be turned to stone. Then suddenly a young women and a man showed and wanted to help him on his voyage. They kept going and found the lair. The women told him to use his sheild to see the reflection of medusa. He was able to chop off her head. He took the head to the kings. Perseus ended up living happily ever after with his wife Andromeda. Perseus got killed by Dionysus. Perseus and his wife were later put up into the stars as constellations.