In Greek mythology, Pegasus is the winged horse. Peagasus' father is Poseidon, and his mother is Medusa. Pegasus was born when the Greek hero Perseus cut off Medusa's head. As this happened, Pegasus came from Medusa's pregnant body. Pegasus also had a brother who was born from Medusa's severed head. His name was Chrysaor. There was not that much known of his appearence, but he was not a horse, and he may have been a giant.

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  • Appearence: Pegasus is a beautiful horse with wings.
  • Symbol: His wings are his identifying symbol.
  • Strengths: Pegasus can fly.
  • Weakness: Pegasus can be captured and then ridden.
  • Parents: His parents are Poseiden and Medusa. Pegasus was born from Medusa's severed head.
  • Interesting Fact: Pegasus is sometiems called "The Thundering Horse of Jove" and is thought to carry Zeus' thunderbolts throughout the sky.
  • Basic Story: Bellerophon captured Pegasus and used him to kill the monster Chimera. When he later tried to use Pegasus to ride to the top of Mount Olympus, Zeus was not amused and sent an insect to bite Pegasus. Pegasus then bucked off Bellerophon, who fell to Earth and died. In another version of the story, while Pegasus was drinking from the well Pirene on Acrocotinth, Bellerophon's fortress, Bellerophon was able to capture Pegasus by using a golden bridle, a gift from Athena. With the help of Pegasus, he was able to defeat the monster Chimera. The gods then gave Pegasus to Bellerophon for killing Chimera, but when he attempted to mount the horse, it threw him off and rose into the heavens to become a constellation.

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