Pegasus:"Of the Spring"Pegasus is simply a flying, immortal horse. There have been numerous suspicions on how he formed. The most relevant and closely agreed is the myth that Pegasus was formed from the severed head of Medusa. A hero by the name of Perseus cut the head off of Medusa which suddenly and Pegasus formed from the remains of Medusa.

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Pegasus was tamed and trained by Bellerophon, a Korinthian hero, who rode him into battle against the fire-breathing Khimaira. The flying horse, was given a place with the stars as a constellation. There were many times he was said to be the holder of the thunderbolt for Zeus. Bellerophon once strove in vain as he suffered with seeking to ring in Gorgo's child, Pegasus. Once together the hero and winged animal battled through the dangerous fight with Khimaira. Afterwards, the duo rode to the tips of heaven where the gods sent Pegasus back down to Earth where he continued to reach heaven.

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A very big miss conceception of Pegasus is that he was a rumoured sidekick to the hero, Hercules. However, Pegasus was never of assitiance to Hercules. The assumption of his involvement with Hercules may come in because Pegasus was a vital part of Zeus's weaponry. Many times Pegasus has been called "The Thundering Horse of Jove" because Zeus welcomed the horse so willingly.

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