Pandora was known as the first woman or the giver of all. She was given these names because when the gods made her out of clay they gave her the gifts of beauty, curiosity, boldness and cunning. She was also given a box that she was not alloud to open. She is also very concieted. She was created by the gods to punish Prometheus for stealing fire from men so they gave her to his brother Epimetheus because he already new not to accept anything from the gods. Pandora ended up marrying Epimetheus. She was almost the perfect wife until one day she let her curiosity get the best of her. She opened the box that she was specifically told by the gods not to open. When she finally did open it everything evil came out to make everyone miserable. When she shut the box there was only one thing that did not come out, the only good thing that the box containe which was a little thing called Hope and was also the only thing that kept their home safe away from the demons that she let out. Pandora also had a child and she was named Pyrrha(fire). images.jpgFH85CADD3NGICATPTNJACAO6LH13CAQD2V49CAVPF2L7CAR85JS0CAZ1TIVKCAV6CKS2CARG4T7RCAQASJ6CCAXNGMT0CAVT0YB8CAHJMZOLCAYJC6LXCALCFQNZCAQNSZBWCAKDVMUKCA9V9KESCASM1BN3.jpg