- PAN -

When pan was born one of Zeus’s nurses saw him and ran away screaming, he was a rather Ugly child when bornhe has the horn, ears and legs of a goat but half human. Pan is the son of Hermes and Penelope, or Zeus and Hybris, its kinda unknown were Pan came from. Pan is a greek god of shepords and flocks.Herme Pan fell in love with the Arcadian Nymph Syrinxs, she immitate manner and appearance , but she refused to love him, so she ran away until she came to a steam, unable to escape she begged the Nymphs of the river to change her form, hearing her prayers they turned her into a marsh of reeds. so whenever pan wanted to hold her all he could do was hold the mmarsh of weeds.
Pan was charmed and, thinking of the Nymph, said to himself in triumph:
"This converse, at least, shall I have with you.
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