orpheus.gifOrpheus (brief history)
Orpheus was the greatest of all musicians. He sang high-pitched songs about the mystical creation of the universe. Other times he played low noted on his lyre as he sang of the battles of Zeus and the Olympians. His songs could charm even rocks and rivers as well as humans and animals. Once when Orpheus was playing he is music in the forest, the oak trees pulled up their roots, followed him down the mountain side and planted themselves by the seashore where he ended his song. When the great adventurer Jason was about to set out on his search for the Golden Fleece, Orpheus was invited to go along. The time came when Jason and the Argonauts had to sail past the dangerous isle of the Sirens. The Sirens were beautiful creatures who were part human, part bird. All the sailors who heard then would be enchanted. All the sailors who heard the Sirens song would hurl themselves overboard and swim to the islands of Sirens. But then Orpheus began a splendid song of his own and Jason and his crew did not listen to the Sirens. After the Argonauts returned to Greece, Orpheus fell in love with a beautiful woman named Eurydice. They were married and a great feast was held in their honor. On the day of the wedding, Eurydice strolled through a nearby field and talked joyfully with her friends. But as she was walking with her friends she stumbled upon a poisonous snake. The huge serpent bit her and she died. Orpheus was heartbroken over this cruel fate. He had been married and widowed the same day. After many weeks of mourning, he decided that he would go to Hades, the land of the dead. There he would plead for his wife. It is said that Orpheus finally met his death, the bird wept on the hillside. The trees shed their leaves and the nearby streams were swollen with their own tears. Orpheus’ spirit went down to the underworld and he soon found Eurydice. Although it is a shadowy existence the two walk together for eternity without fear of another separation.


orpheus-ophelia.jpgOrpheus and Eurydice


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