Poseidon and Euryale was the parents of the god Orion. King Minios of Crete was the father of Euryale. Orions father ,Poseidon, had given him the ability to walk on water and also in the sky he carried a big unbreakable bronze club with him in his hand. In the other hand he would carry a pelt of a lion. Some say that he was so tall he would walk along the ocean floor with is head sticking out of the waves. What we know for sure is that he was a terrific hunter.
Orion had repeatedly got in trouble with women. The most famous one of all was Merope. She was the daughter of the King Oenopion. He tried to woo her many times without a single success. Finaly, one day after tons wine, he staggered off and attempted to take her with great force. Her father then blinded Orion for what he did to Merope. In his blinded state he went to the god of forge, Hephaestus, for aid. He got sight back by the rays of the sun.
There is a myth that Orion was killed by a sting of a scorpion. The killer was identifyed half way around the sky in the constellatoin of Scorpious. There are several myths or opinion who sent the scorpion to kill Orion. Some say that it was sent by the goddes of earth, Gaia. Some other say it was sent by Artemis, the goddes of hunt, who sent the scorpion because Orion said that he would hunt down all the animals on planet earth. Other people say it was because of his unwanted attentions. After being stung and died he was ressurected. He was ressurected by the god of healing, Asclepius who was later killed by Zues thunderbolt for restoring to many lifes to the underworld.
Orion was killed again on accident this time. On the day of his wedding the Apollo challenged Artemis, who was a very skilled archer, to shoot a small dark object far out at sea. She shot the arrow and easily pierced that abject. That object was her soon to be her husband, Orion. She was filled with grief so she placed him among the stars.
The constellation Orion is of great antiquity. As the constellation of Scorpius rises in the west you can see Orion set. This indicates a defeat for Orion and a win for Scorpius.orion.jpgOrionTaurusMid3.gif
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