Narcissus+ Echo

Zues the king of the olympians was known for his many love affairs. sometimes, the young and beautiful nymph Echo would distract and amuse his wife Hera with long and intertaining stories. When Narcissus was a sixteen years old deer-hunter, the nymph Echo fell in love with him. But her love was not returned, and she disappeared from woods and mountains, fading away. It is told that not even her bones remained, having been turned into stone, but that her voice made utterly brief by the anger of Hera still lives in her. Besides Echo many other Nymphs and youths sought Narcissus' love, but were ignored by him. Finally one of them prayed to heaven.

Flower Story

The spring where Narcissus saw himself is said to be in the territory of the Thespians, in a place called Donacon. Some reject the story of Narcissus looking into the water, failing to understand that he saw his own reflection, falling in love with himself, and dying of love at the spring. They find it stupid to imagine that a man old enough to fall in love was unable to distinguish a man from a man's reflection. Instead they assert that Narcissus had a twin sister, and that both were exactly alike in appearance. He fell in love with his sister, and when she died he used to visit the spring, knowing well that he saw his reflection, but finding some relief for his love because it reminded him of his sister It is also believed that the flower already existed before Narcissus, at the time when Hades abducted Hades For it was while she gathered flowers over a meadow, attracted by the sweet scent of the narcissus that the earth opened and Hades sprang out upon her with his immortal horses, taking her with him to be the queen of the Underworld. Others affirm, however, that they consisted of roses, crocuses, irises, hyacinths, the narcissus, and violets as well.