MorpheusGod of Dreams
Morpheus is the son of Hypnos, God of Sleep, (Son of Nyx (Night)) and Pasithea, Goddess of Relaxation and Rest (Daughter of Dionysus). They had four sons, the Oneiri. These four were the personifications of dreams. They made Morpheus their leader, because he was the best
Morpheus and Iris
Morpheus and Iris
dream-former. His other brothers (the Oneiri) included Icelus (realistic dreams), Phobetor (scary dreams), and Phantasus (weird, unrealistic dreams).

Basic Facts
Morpheus was the Greek God of dreams. Although he is usually portrayed with a human form, he sometimes is shown with wings, as in the picture to the left. He is also capable of taking the form of any human he wants, including their voices and clothes. Also, he is the leader of the Oneiri, whom are the other three embodiments of dreams. Morpheus lives in the Dream World with the rest of his family. When he wasn't in bedrooms shaping the dreams of mortals, he laid in a
A statue of Morpheus
A statue of Morpheus
cave filled with poppy seeds, in the Land of Dreams. The rest of his family also lived there, including his father Hypnos, and his uncle Thanatos (God of Death).

Because Morpheus is such a busy God, he does not have a wife, but like in the painting to the left, he is often pictured with Iris, Goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the Gods, whom was his lover.