Midas (Mahy-duhs)

 The story of Midas

Silenus, a school master and foster father had been missing. He was drinking on that night and had been found by some pheasants. They took him back to there king, Midas. He treated him with hospitality for ten days and nights. Silenus was brought back to Bacchus. Bacchus said he would grant Midas one wish. Midas had always loved gold ,so he wished that everything he touched turned to gold. He was so happy about acquiring the power and he hadn't tested it yet. He grabbed a twig off a branch and it turned gold right in his hand. He then grabbed a stone and it turned to gold. When he tried to eat bread it hardened to gold. When he took a drink of whine it went down like gold. He now hated the gift he was just givin. Starvation was coming for him. He went to Bacchus begging for the power to go away. Bacchus said, "Go to the river Pactolus, trace the stream to its fountain-head, there plunge in your head and body and wash away your fault and its punishment." Then Midas' touch of Gold was washed away in the river.King_Midas.jpg
King Midas sits on a throne of gold.