1.Physically, the manticore was know as having the body of a beastly lion, the appearance and ears of a blue eyed human and a tail ending in a sting like that of a scorpion.
2.The mouth contains three rows of teeth and toxic spines along the tail could be shot, like arrows in any direction.

3.The manticore was also attributed with having a voice that was the mixture of pipes and a trumpet.
4.The beast is very fast and makes very quite leaps.
5.The manticore is reputed to roam in the jungles of India, and is known to have an appetite for humans. Like its cousin, the Sphinx, it would often challenge its prey with riddles before killing.



  • In the middle ages, the manticore was the emblem for the prophet Jeremia because the manticore lives in the depths of the earth and Jeremiah had been thrown into a dung pit.

  • At the same time, the manticore became the sign of tyranny, disrespectful and envy, and mostly the mind of evil.
  • As late as the 1930s it was still considered by the peasants of Spain, to be a beast of ill omen.

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