The Kraken

Krakens are mythical sea creatures of enormous proportion. Said to be under control by Zeus. He is the only one who can summon it or release it. They are said to be found on the coasts of Norway and Iceland. The myth may have originated from the sightings of giant squids that can grow up to 50 feet in length including the tentacles. Normally live at great depths and sometimes the surface for air. There are reports than he/it/they attacked ships. Erik Pontoppidan described the Kraken ‘as the largest and most surprising of all the animal creations.” It is said that the Kraken is the largest creature ever. No one knows how many there is, what gender it is, how long it lives, and many other important questions about the Kraken(s). It is also described as a massive whale or turtle creature. Most have come to the conclusion that it is a tentacled, slimy creature around 1 mile in circumference. On some occasions, it has been mistaken as an island. Some reports say that sailors would anchor near by, “go ashore”, create fires on the Kraken (the so called island), and cause the sleeping beauty to awake and submerge. In doing so, the Kraken caused a giant whirlpool sucking in all the sailors and their ships. It sometime attacked ships using its massive tentacles. In some reports, it was said that the tentacles reached higher than the tallest ships masts.

Symbol/Attribute: fearsome determination to bring down ships and never let go.

Strengths: Physically strong and agile. Secretive and capable on anonymous attacks.

Weakness: Can be killed

Parents: unknown

Spouse: Chariclo

Children: unknown

Aka: Krabben, Sciu-Crak, Hafgufe