• She was the goddess of the hearth9862hestia.jpg and the home.

She would prepare the family meal and cook the bread.

  • She was the goddess of the sacrificial flame and received every sacrifice to the gods.

  • She was the daughter of Kronos and Rhea but was swallowed by her father at birth. She was the last to be digorged by her father out of all her siblings.

  • She was regarded as one of the twelve great gods.

  • Apollo and Posseidon ask for her hand in marriage she said no and would remain a virgin forever.

  • As the goddess of Hearth she she took care of the domestic life and the giver of all domestic happiness and blessings.

  • Her sacrifices consisted of fruit, water, oil, wine, and cows that were one years old.

  • All the Romans worshipped the same goddess. They worshipped her under the name of Vesta. She was identical to Hestia.

  • There were several different points about Vesta than Hestia who lived in Greece.

  • She as the goddess of sacrifice took part in the first part of the hestia.jpgsacrifice.

Mythology Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton