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Greek name: `ErmhV

Roman name: Mercury

Hermes is god of trade, theft, hospitality, travel and roads. As well as sports, gymnasiums, language and writing. He is Messenger of the Gods, Inventor of Sacrifice, Guide to the Underworld and Protector of Animal Husbandry.

Parents: Zeus and Maia

Birth: Hermes was born in a cave of Mount Cyllene in Arcadia

Offspring: Pan, Angelia, Palaistra and many Mortals.

Only hours after birth, he escaped from his cradle and stole the oxen of Apollo.
To keep from being discovered, Hermes put on sandals, and then drove the oxen to Pylos, where he then killed two, and hid the rest in a cave.

Sacred things: Tortoise, the number 4, honey, Lambs and Young goats

The clever device of the lyre, invented by Hermes, is constructed of two horns and a crossbar and a tortoise-shell. He presented it first to Apollon and the Mousai(Muses), then to Amphion of Thebes.
'Hermes' from the Disney movie "Hercules"
'Hermes' from the Disney movie "Hercules"