• Hepheastus appearance is a dark haired man who has difficulty walking due to his disformed feet. He is small in stature.
  • He is the God of Fire.
  • Hephaestus strengths are creativity, cunning, and able to work metal.
  • His weaknesses are that he cant hold down his liqour, and can be crafty and vindictive.
  • Parents are Zues and Hera.
  • His wife is Aphrodite.
  • He created Pandora of the famous box, his child.

The Greek God Hepheastus was the only one of the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus who had a "normal job" and worked with his hands. He was also the only Olympian that was born with a "physical defect". Its not clear to how Hephaestus came to be "lame". Infant Hephaestus was injured in the fall after he was thrown out by Zeus, who was angry at his mother for having the nerve to conceive the baby without his help.

Feeling rejected by his mom, he made a lovely throne for her and sent it to Olympus. She sat in it and soon discovered she could not get up. Then the chair started to levitate. The other Olympian Gods tried to reason with Hepheastus, but also even Ares was driven off by his flames. He was given wine by Dionysus, drunk, he was brought to Olympus. Either drunk or not, he still refused to free Hera, unless either Aphrodite or Athene was made his wife. He ended up with Aphrodite, which in this instance was not a quick learner. When she lay in bed with his brother Ares, that in which Hepheastus made, chains emerged and they could not leave. Exposing them to the laughter of the other Olympians when Hepheastus called them all together to see his wife and brother.