Helen is the most beautiful women in the world. She was “The face that launched 1,ooo Ships”. Her mother is Leda and her Father is Zeus. Helens beauty meant many men wanted to marry her. She also has a sister named Clytemnestra. Some stories say that they are not sisters, but many say they where. When she was a child she was kidnaped by Theseus. Theseus, king of Athens, and his friend Peirithous, king of Larissa, wanted to marry one of Zeus' daughters before they died. Theseus chose Helen, whose beauty was already being talked of. They took her to Aphidna, a small city north of Athens, and left her with of one of Theseus' vassals. His mother, Aethra, was there as her guardian and companion. Theseus told Tyndarcus that he took Helen away to protect her. One of Tyndarcus' nephews was wanting to marry her. Another story said the sons of Apharcus, Idas and Lynceus, stole her, which caused the famous battle between them and the Dioscuri. There can be little question that Theseus took Helen’s virginity. Some say that he planned to keep her until she reached a age where she can be married. But more writers even gave the couple a child. The child was Iphigeneia. Her brothers Castor and Pollux rescued her. When the time came for Helen to marry all of the men of Greece wanted to marry her. She chose Menelaus. He and his brother ruled parts of Sparta. One day the Princes of troy ( Hector and Pairs) came to Sparta to make a peace offering between Troy and Sparta. The younger prince Pairs saw Helen and they fell in love. During the night that the princes where supposed to head back to Troy Paris snuck Helen onto their Ship and left with her. Her husband Menelaus became very mad when he found out that Helen had left with Pairs. Therefore Menelaus swore to defeat Troy and have Helen back at his side. That’s why Helen is known as,” The face that launched 1,ooo Ships”. This is how the Trojan War Started.

  • Helen is said to have to fathers Zeus and Tyndareus. The story says that Zeus flew to her mother Leda taking form as a bird ( a swan) and which made the deceitful union.

  • Helen is said to have had a son. His name was Megaphenthes. His father was Menelaus. After the Spartans destroyed Troy he chased his stepmother Helen from Sparta

  • Helen is also immortal since her father is Zeus.

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In this pciture is Helen and Pairs