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Eos was the goddess of dawn. She had two sibilings, Helios and Selene. They were numbered amongst the second-generatin Titan gods. Eos rose up from the river Okeanos at the start of each day, with her rays of light isolated the mists of night. She was sometimes riding in a golden chariot. It was drawn by winged horses, at other times she was using her own set of wings. She had a desire for hansome young men, some say it was because of a spell from Aphrodite. Her lovers included, Orion, Phaethon, Kephalos and Tithonos. All three she ravished away to distant places. The Trojan prince Tithonos was irresistible to her. When Eos petitioned Zeus for his immortality, she denied also to request eternal youth. In time he shrivelled up and transformed into a grasshopper. She was close with Hemera, the primodial goddess of day. In some myths, Eos stood irtually as a non-virginal substitue for Arthemis. Eos' name in Latin is Aurora, the goddess of the morning red, whor brings up the light of day from the east. Eos was the daughter of Hyperion and Theia.

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