Echo the NymphEcho was a nymph, meaning a beautiful maiden inhabiting the sea, rivers, woods, trees, mountains, and meadows. She liked the woods, and hills, where she often devoted herself to woodland sports. The thing that made Echo so popular though, was her voice. Her mouth made music like no other. She liked to talk though, and if she was talking or arguing, she would always have to have the last word. Everyone would also go to Echo for juicy information, about the other gods. She told stories that charmed the other gods like no one else. Aphrodite even came down from Olympus to talk with Echo, and listen to the stories she told. Aphrodite was concerned about Echo's love life. As a thank you for keeping her entertained, Aphrodite offered to arrange a love match between Echo and any man of her dreams. She said "Just say the word, and I will send my son, Eros, with a bow and arrow." Echo said that she had seen no man who pleases her, but when she did, she would let her know.Echo and NarcissusAt the exact moment that Echo said that to Aphrodite, the most beautiful man in the whole world was lost in the forest. His name was Narcissus. Narcissus was so handsome that no girl could look at him without fainting, except for his mother. He had very high opinions about himself. As he was going through the woods, he was hopefully meeting a girl whose beauty matched his. He turned the wrong way, and got lost. Echo followed him through the woods, and she secretly loved him. One day, Narcissus was looking in a pond and he saw a face. He looked again to see if what he saw was real. The face was still there, and it the the most beautiful face he had ever seen. He looked at the face for hours and hours. He reached out his hand to touch her, but the face disappeared. The face came back though. He said, "I will stay until you come out for I love you." Echo responded "I love you." He said, "I knew you loved me! Come out, come out!" Echo replied, "Never come out." "Never say never," he said, "or I will be here forever." Narcissus stayed forever, and he leaned over the stream.external image waterhouse64.jpgexternal image