In the Greek myths, Circe (also spelled Kirke) is a goddess of magic. She was considered a goddess because she was an immortal. Her father was Helios and her mother was Perseis. Her brothers were Aeetes and Perses, her sister was Pasiphae. She lived on the Island of Aeaea. She is most famous for the story of her turning Odyseus's men into pigs by Circe's drinks. One of the men, Eurilochus, had stayed back, and when he saw what had happened he ran to tell Odysseus about what had happened, to protect him. Hermes gave Odysseus a plant, moly, to put in his wine to prevent Circe's wine from affecting him. He then pulled out his sword and threatened Circe, who turned his men into people again. They were said to be together for a year after, in which they had three children, Telegonus, Agrius, and Latinus.

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