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The Cicones, Ciconians, or Kikonians are fictional people mentioned in Homer's Odyssey. In Iliad, the leader of the Cicones was Mentes.
The Cicones lived in a town of Ismara (or Ismarus) located on the south coast of Thrace. In the Trojan War, the Cicones joined the war on the side of the Trojans, led by Euphemos. Odysseus's fleet was sailing into a terrible storm sent by his enemy Poseidon, the god of the sea. Poseiden was thought to be sided with Troy in the Trojan War. Poseiden was angry because the Trojans were defeated thanks to Odysseus. Odysseus crew threw treasure from Troy into the sea as a gift for Poseidon. It worked! His ships landed near Ismara. Since Odysseus knew that the Cicones were on the side of Troy, Odysseus's fleet attacked the Cicones. Odysseus won victoriously once again, leaving the city in flames. Odysseus took gold, treasure, and wives. Odysseus told his men that they should leave at once since the Cicones had well trained fighters. His men did not listen. His men was drinking wine and killing sheep and oxen. When the Cicones attacked, Odysseus's men were not prepared for battle. The Cicones were winning the the battle. Odysseus ordered his men to retreat to the ships. Odysseus lost six men from every ship he had. They s
Cicones Warrior
ailed away from the Cicones as fast as possible.