Charybdis, the Terrifying Sea Monster.
Charybdis was once a nymph daughter of Poseidon and Gaia. She flooded lands for her father's underwater kingdom until Zues turned her into a montser. She was forced to suck in and out water three times a day. This causes a major whirlpool. She lived in a cave at one side of the Strait of Messina. Charybdis is opposite the moster Scylla. The two of them form a very dangerous threat for ships passing by. Scylla is a fearful monster, barking like a dog, with twelve feet, six long necks and mouths, each which containted three rows of sharp teeth. Charybdis dwelt under an immense fig-tree. Charybdis is located off the coast of Sicily. Together, Scylla and and Charybdis were the twin perils faced by the Odysseus. The hero had been warned by Circe that the whirlpool could only be avoided at the cost of passing beneath the cliff harboring Scylla's lair. Sure enough, he timed his passage and stayed clear of Charybdis only losing six sailors to Scylla. 6a00d8345208f469e200e5537885558834-500pi.jpgcharybdisnnn.jpg