• external image charon.jpgThe Greek god Charon was the ferryman into Hades.

  • Charon took them aboard his little boat and took them across the Akherousian mere.

  • Charon expected to be paid for his work and a coin was therefore placed on or in the mouth of a dead person. Failure to pay the ferryman meant the guy had to walk around on the shores for a period of one hundred years. This also meant haunting the world, which make the ghosts. Also, he would not give access to Hades if the person was not properly buried. This is why a funeral in Greece was such an important ritual. If a living person wanted access to Hades they had to pay him with a golden gift.

  • Charon was believed to be the son of the ancient gods Erebus who was the god of day and Nyx who was the goddess of night.

  • Charon's symbol is usually the double hammer.

  • Charon is usually shown as an old (sometimes thin) man, but not always. When taking people across he sometimes wears a tattered black robe, making the image of the "Grim Reaper" of today.
    The depiction of Charon in "Clash of the Titans"
    The depiction of Charon in "Clash of the Titans"