CERBERUS kerberos or Cerberus was a giant dog which guarded the gates of haides. He was to prevent ghosts of the dead from leaving the underworld. Kerberos was described as a three headed dog with a serpents tail a mane of snakes and a lions claws. Some say he had fifty heads though this number might have included the heads of his serpentine mane. he was also the pet dog of hades.


Herakles leads Kerberos the hound of Haides forth from the underworld on a chain. He is greeted by his half-sister Persephone who has given the hero permission to remove the hound, and is accompanied by the gods Athene and Hermes. Some poets again call him many headed or hundred headed. he mainly guards the gates of the underworld so no one will leave. The place where Cerberus kept watch was according to some at the mouth of the Acheron, and according to others at the gates of Hades into which he admitted the shades, but never let them out again.