Artemis ( Roman name Diana)

  • She was the goddess of the hunt, protecter of wild animals, and the virgin goddess. She is also considered the moon goddess. Young women were well protected by her.

  • She had a brother named Apollo. She was the daughter of Zues and Leto. It is said that Artemis was born several days ahead of her brother and helped her mother deliver him. In other stories, Artemis and Apollo were twins.

  • As an expert with a silver bow, her weapon of choice, she brought quick deaths with her arrows. She always prefered a more direct kill. She was not objected to violence and usually punished people that hurt women.

  • She swore an oath to the Gods that she would forever be a virgin. Artemis takes this very seriously and does not tolerate anything that may threaten her modesty.

  • She is a friend to mortals, and is also one of only three who is not affected by the enchantments of Aphrodite.

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